Startup Mentorship

Globally only 0.5% of startups scale (reach $10m) by their fifth year. That is 1 out of 200.This is as per “The Experience Game Report by THNK School of Creative Leadership and Delloitte”

The key factors hindering Startups scalability are: Leadership experience of founders, on-scalable products or services,non-optimised operations and execution, poor access to markets, market entry timing and inability to raise growth finance.

We at Discount Hunt Ltd have come up with a venture design framework which is structured into the following delivery formats to assist your business scale.

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Core Concepts:
We walk you through the theoretical aspects of the Venture Design Framework using a blend of lecture presentations, videos and interactions. Unlocking new insights from experts; the curriculum reflects on real life scenarios and practical approaches necessary to effectively run a business in this new age.
Best Practices & Case Studies:
We always showcase innovative solutions and relevant best practices. In this format, a real company will be showcased, sharing their experiences in the market, challenges and successes as it relates to a specific sector and scaling. Participants/Individual businesses gain further insights into what works and what does not work.

We will provide you with a workbook to reflect on and apply the concepts to your business. We also allocate time for peer-to-peer feedback to promote further learning and interaction.
Panel Symposium:
In this, we invite successful professionals and subject matter experts to discuss a specific subject that is important for scaling a business. A lead facilitator guides the conversation around a major theme and opens the floor for questions from participants.
Startup Mentorship

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